Feature Friday: SO FESTIVE!

Today we are featuring our friend Melissa Sunday of So Festive! She is basically a human Pinterest board. She makes celebrating any occasion affordable, adorable and achievable. You are just going to love what she has to say below. We adore her ideas, creativity and life philosophy of celebrating everything.  How did So Festive! begin? …… Continue reading Feature Friday: SO FESTIVE!

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What to Say When: Infertility

Here is the thing about infertility—people either want to talk about it or they don’t. You may never know if one of your family members or friends has struggled with this because they have chosen to keep this information to themselves. Everyone handles heartache and difficulty differently. We have reached out to people we know…… Continue reading What to Say When: Infertility


Feature Friday: Long Distance Friendships

The top three phrases written in a high school year book are probably, “Never change!”, “Stay in touch!” and “Have a great summer!” You think you will see your fellow classmates fairly often but the reality is you will only stay in contact with a select few. These are the people you make a priority.…… Continue reading Feature Friday: Long Distance Friendships