Tips on Painting a room…

If you want to change a room up, Painting it is the cheapest way. It takes time and patience, but it is a very affordable way to make a space look different. I have painted so many rooms and I have learned quite a lot from doing it. Here are a few tips:

  1. Wear Paint Clothes. Even if you just are going to touch something up, wear paint clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn cute clothes while touching something up and sure enough, I got paint on the clothes! I have a designated set of paint clothes that are just for projects and I do not care at all if paint gets on them.
  2. Prep beforehand. Before you start a project, get everything out onto a table. Get a drop cloth down for the paint can and brushes, get all brushes, ladder, level, tape, any supplies you will need and have it in the space you are working in. It is SO annoying when you start on a project and you are searching for supplies.
  3. Take the time to tape. I have done both-cut in the paint on the ceiling and baseboards very carefully without tape and then I have taped everything up. In my experience, it always looks more professional when you tape even though it takes so much time!
  4. Entertainment. Painting does take a long time, so have some form of entertainment while you are painting. I LOVE listening to podcasts. If I am sick of listening to podcasts, I will put a netflix show on and listen to it. You get to know the characters by listening and don’t have to necessarily watch it. Some form of entertainment makes the job go by faster!
  5. Wrap it up-Instead of washing out your brushes and rollers each time you are finished for the day, wrap them up in a plastic bag or saran wrap. They will stay wet inside a bag or wrap, then you can use it again the next day without the mess of washing it all out.
  6. Clean it up-if you spill paint, or get paint on the ceiling, clean it up immediately before it dries. I like to always have a rag or paper towel right by me for quick cleanup from mistakes.
  7. If you don’t want to open up a gallon paint can or a huge bucket of paint when you are replenishing your paint tray, pour in some paint in an ice cream gallon container so it is easier to get the lid on and off when you need to get more paint.
  8. On your last coat of paint, paint downwards with your roller so that the paint lies the same direction on the wall. It makes the room look more uniform if that last stroke is down.
  9. When you are finished, clean up everything so you can really appreciate the finished product. Do all touchups before you officially finish so that you don’t have any regrets or things you will have to finish up later. You are so over the painting project towards the end, but make sure you finish up everything before wrapping it up. I just throw away the used rollers because they are a pain to wash out and very cheap to use new ones. I do wash out all of my paint brushes with warm water so I can use them again. I throw away the plastic drop cloths, put away the ladder, label the unused paint so I know what room it was used in.
  10. *In another post, I will show you some pictures of room transformations just by painting a room!

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