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How to stay close to family…

I have lived away from my family for 5 years and the main thing I was worried about when we moved was how am I going to stay close to my family? Here are a few things I have done to help me feel a part of the family even though I live So far away!

  1. Family Group Chats…our family uses whatsapp so that Ashley in Amsterdam can be a part of the chat. It is so much fun to chat with each other and send videos and pictures. We also love snapchat and marco polo to keep each other up to date on whats going on with our lives.
  2. Facetime-we love face timing our family so we can actually see each other when we are talking! What would we do without technology?
  3. Mail-I like to send my family letters and pictures of my kids just so they have something physical from us every few months.
  4. SUMMER-this is extreme, but I miss my family so much throughout the year so we leave for almost 2 months each summer to stay with our family. We do family activities, vacations and kid camps all summer and it is just so much fun!
  5. Blog-My sisters and I write on this blog to connect with each other and it has been a fun outlet for all of us to get into.
  6. Family Trips-every other year, our family takes a vacation and it is so great to have a whole week with the family to reconnect. I have had my parents and 1 sibling come to visit us in Wisconsin and Ashley has had all of the sisters come to see her in Amsterdam so making time to see each other and spend time with each other is important.
  7. Calling/Texting individual people. I try to reach out to each family member once a month whether it is an individual text or a phone call. That way I feel like we have more of a connection rather than just chatting through the group chats. The truth is, because we don’t see each other that much, our relationships have been harder to maintain, but I have come to the realization that I will never live by family so I need to still feel connected to my family.

If keeping family relationships close if important to you, you will make a way to stay close!

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