4 Heroes

We all have people we look up to. A hero doesn’t have to be someone you necessarily even know. Just someone who has had an impact in you. Here are a few of the people we look up to:

Andrea: Joanna Gaines. I am a major fan girl of hers because of how amazing her design style is, but more than that, she is a hero of mine because she lives her life according to what she believes. In her book, Magnolia Story, she tells the story of how she prayed to God to know if she should shut her little store down in order to focus on her family. God told her that if she shut down her store, bigger things were to come in her life. She trusted God and she could not have even imagined where her life was going to take her all by trusting her Heavenly Father. She is very open about her beliefs and she lives by them. I love the hard work she and her husband, Chip put into their lives and projects. They literally started from the ground and made an amazing life for their family by working hard, trusting God and thinking outside of the box. The design style that Joanna Gaines has made is now so popular because it is clean, open and inviting. I want to be like her in many ways including how I stretch myself to think outside of the box and let the creativity flow out of me.

Ashley: Corrie Ten-Boom, author of, The Hiding Place. Corrie lived a life full of service, perseverance and faith. Three attributes I admire the most about her. She showed us how pure evil can and will never win but love, kindness and Christ will always prevail.

Angie: Moms are my heroes. I teach preschool and I see moms juggle so much in one day. Its a 24/7 job that they are not being paid for, yet they are the best at what they do. I look at my mom as a hero in many ways. She always put her 6 kids first. ALWAYS. She helped me when I was sick or when I thought I was sick, but really just wanted to stay home and hang out with her. She is everything a hero is made up of; courageous, bold, fearless, and daring.

Chrissy: Nelson Mandela! He spent decades in prison for standing up for what he believed and lived a service oriented and loving life despite so many hardships. He stayed motivated to make change and affected the lives of millions.

Who is one of your heroes?

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