Budget anyone?

Budgeting is one of those necessary evils. If you do it, it will help you tremendously in saving money but takes discipline and time. If you don’t budget, you will always wonder where all of your money is going. Starting in December, my husband and I were introduced to Dave Ramsey and we have gone all in with budgeting. If you know where every dollar goes, you have a better understanding on how much to have in each budget category. My husband put a spreadsheet together of our finances since we started our budget it was so awesome to see that it did make a difference in our finances.

A few weeks ago on our instagram, we asked how you budget and got a few responses. Here are a few tips on what to do for your family budget:

  1. Every Dollar App-Dave Ramsey developed an app to track where every dollar goes to. It has really helped us to see literally where all of our money is assigned to.
  2., Daily Budget, and you need a budget were all mentioned for a  great place to be able to track your money and to pay bills.
  3. Having the whole family on board. Having a family discussion on how you will stick to a budget and having everyone understand and help.
  4. Accountability-Checking the budget and finances once a week or once a month will help tremendously with feeling accountable so you can keep track on how you are doing.
  5. Cash/envelope system. Dave Ramsey suggests using envelopes for your budget with cash inside to use throughout the month. I haven’t done this for a while because I usually have a baby in my arms and so I just use a debit card to track how much I am using from my grocery budget.
  6. Going all in 100%. My husband has a masters in accounting so for years I thought that he should just be in charge of the budgeting, but the more I read, the more I have learned that it is a group effort and that everyone involved with the budget needs to be aware of whats going on.
  7. Spend LESS than you earn. Living pay check to pay check is stressful so make sure you are spending less that you make!

You can do this! One of the best pieces of advise I can tell you is to just get involved with your budget. I have loved listening to Dave Ramseys’ podcast radio show and I love his books. You can do this!

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