Simple Centerpiece

Fresh flowers are one of the amazing gifts we have been given. Before moving to Holland I never bought flowers for myself. I would just wait until someone gifted them to me. After living here for about a month I knew we were going to have to have a monthly flower budget. They liven up every space and make a beautiful statement. Why not treat yourself to some flowers every once and a while?!

I recently had a gathering at my home where I needed a centerpiece. I researched how to make an inexpensive centerpiece and below are the steps and final product! I love how simple and elegant flowers on our table look.


Get a shallow vase. I have three square vases here that work nicely together or separate.
Flowers: I went for some branches, a larger bulb and a pop of color and smaller flower.
Cut down your branches. You don’t want too much overhang.
Position them around your vase away from one another creating a grid.
Take your smaller flowers and cut them down. Don’t cut too much. You can always trim if needed but you can’t go back if you trimmed too much.
Position them next to the branches and inside the grid.
Take your large flowers and cut them down. Remove any excess foliage to keep it fresh and uncluttered. It is also better for the water.
Positions your large flowers away from each other and at an angle.
You can place arrangements together for a larger look or separated!
Final product.

For a centerpiece it is important to rotate your vase to see it from different angles. People will be walking around the flowers and you don’t want gaps.



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