Last Minute Valentines!

The sisters over here are pretty festive when it comes to holidays. If you don’t like holidays and you tell us we will probably come back at you with a speech about why holidays enhance life in almost every way.

Valentines is no exception. We hope you have been able to celebrate a little with someone you love–no, not necessarily a significant other–galentines anyone??

In case Valentines snuck up on you and you are feeling overwhelmed we are here to help. Here are a couple simple Valentine ideas that you can put together quick.


  1. Festive balloon and this printout–or if you are out of ink just write it yourself. Slap some washi tape on and BAM! A Valentine.


2. Bath bomb and tag. Done. And great Valentine if you ask us. IMG_8796

3. Just a little tip–Michaels, Target, Joanns and The Dollar Tree all have cute, cheap Valentine packaging. Stock up! These adorable boxes came 8 to a pack and were purchased two years ago for $3. Have a little stash ready so you don’t panic when you need something and don’t have time to go out. Put a little treat in here and you are golden. IMG_8797

4. What child doesn’t love sticker? Get a pack from the dollar store and tape this printable on it. IMG_8798

5. Kids handwriting is just adorable. Use that for a more personalized touch for their Valentines.IMG_8799

If you need more last minute ideas this pin from Pinterest was a huge help! If the printable isn’t free search in Pinterest for a free one and it will almost always come up!

Happy Valentines!!

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