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26 Day Detox

My husband and I just completed the 26 day Green Smoothie Girl DETOX and here are the results! I went into it wanting to lose some weight, clean out my body of toxins and start clean eating again. I accomplished all of those goals and feel so great! I lost 11 lbs and my husband lost 20 lbs! We both lost 2% of fat off our body and we both stuck to the detox until the end! The Green Smoothie Detox has you eating and drinking a lot of fruits and vegetables, no dairy, no meat and no sugar. Every few days, your menu changes and you introduce new foods into your diet to see if you have any food allergies. My friend lent me her detox book and after I read it, I knew that I wanted to do this detox challenge because it was doable! I have done other cleanses in the past that were not fun and not sustainable {lemonade cleanse anyone?} Even though 26 days is a long time, it really takes that long to reset your body and your mind to want to eat healthy and clean. Here are a few things I learned throughout the cleanse!

  1. Eating Veggies and Fruits make you have energy! I was a little worried that I would be sleepy and tired throughout the day but surprisingly I had plenty of energy!
  2. Not having sugar for a month really does get rid of your sugar cravings! Now that I am done with the cleanse, I don’t feel like I need or want sugar! Fruit is SO much more sweet to me and I think it because I got rid of the sugar fix!
  3. Drinking TONS of water helps to flush out a lot of junk inside your body! I drank 100 plus ounces of water every day and even though I had to go to the bathroom a lot, it really made me feel clean inside.
  4. Juicing veggies and fruits helps your body to digest faster and more nutrients. We started out borrowing our neighbors juicer, but after we saw how much we were going to be using a juicer, we ended up buying one of our own. My husband LOVED the juice. I like eating raw veggies more than drinking, but I actually loved carrot juice. One I juiced, I put the juice into mason jars and sealed them for easy transport and storage.
  5. The Buddy system is VITAL! There is NO way I could have done this month long cleanse without a buddy. When I told my husband I wanted to do this cleanse, he was totally on board. Having him do the same thing as me helped! I still had to cook other foods for my kids but just having someone to be accountable to was awesome!
  6. Be prepared! Every night, we would pack my husbands lunch box so that he could grab and go to work early the next day. He actually loved having healthy food all packed and ready to go. His favorite was oatmeal for breakfast, sweet potatoes, Ezekiel toast with Irish Butter for lunch and juice. My favorite was carrot sticks, apples, smoothies and baked potatoes! On Saturdays, I would do a lot of cooking so we could be prepared with our food. Honestly, Preparation was KEY in this detox. If I made things ahead of time, it helped tremendously. If I did the grocery shopping beforehand, it helped a TON!
  7. Weigh yourself. For Christmas, I gave my husband a scale that not only tells you your weight, but your body fat percentage, water percentage and bone density. It was so cool to weigh ourselves before the detox, throughout and after to see our progress.
  8. On top of the food detox, my husband and I did 2 more kinds of detox’s which are optional but we found them to help us. If we were going to be 100% in the food, we wanted to be ALL in! We each did an enema once a week and sat in infrared saunas twice a week. The enema is NOT pleasant but helps get all of the junk out of your body. The infrared sauna was very pleasant! I loved sitting in the nice warm sauna and sweating. Those 2 things just helped our detox even more.
  9. I like to drink a Diet Coke 1-2 times a week but I just wanted to stop all together and this detox did just that. I don’t want to put that into my body anymore so now that I am finished with the detox, I started to find other drinks besides diet coke. While at Costco, I found  big case of La Croix so I thought I would give it a try! I love it! I tried La Croix a few months ago and hated it, probably because it wasn’t sweet enough for me. Now that I have been off of sugar for a month, it tastes so good! It would be extra good if you even squirted some lime, lemon, orange or grapefruit into it as well!
  10. Before the detox, I had Insomnia and Vertigo! I don’t know how, but during the detox, I did not have any problems with sleeping or with feeling dizzy with vertigo! Its like it cured itself just by eating healthy and drinking a lot of water! I was so desperate for sleep and a cure for my vertigo before the detox. I can’t think of any other reason why it would have just gone away! WOW! SO HAPPY!

If you are wanting to get all of the toxins and junk out of your body, have a restart to eating healthy and feel great by putting good things into your body, then you should try this detox! I loved the way I felt during the detox and now that it is over, I am still trying to put good things into my body. I learned a lot about healthy foods while on the detox and I learned a lot about myself!

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