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As a Mom, you never want your kids to be sad or hurt. You do everything you can to make sure that they are protected, safe and happy. I would say that I am a pretty BIG Momma Bear when it comes to my kids. I am their biggest cheerleader and their biggest advocate! If I hear that someone has wronged them or treated them poorly, I have a very hard time just sitting there. So today I want to start a conversation about this subject.


We just had our first experience with bullying and I want to be open about it so you can learn from it. My son is 13 years old and is just the greatest kid ever! He is outgoing, charismatic, happy, positive, talented, handsome and kind {can you tell I’m his Mom?} We have lived in Wisconsin for a little more than a year and he has tried so hard to find his place in a new middle school and to meet new friends. A few days ago, he came home from school and said ‘Mom, can I talk to you?’ He then showed me his phone with some images of him on someone else’s instagram. His friend had told him that a classmate was making fun of him and showed him the images. What had happened is that a classmate screen shotted images of Riley {3 pictures} and each caption said something like ‘look at this kid…’ and then linked it to another instagram account called faggot3000.

Whats even more concerning is that other classmates ‘liked’ these images of Riley as he was being made fun of online. By them liking it, they were endorsing and supporting this bully. I told Riley that I would take care of the situation. We talked about how he was feeling about it and fortunately for us, he is such an awesome kid that it didn’t seem to shake him that much. He just felt bad that someone would do that.

I wrote an email to the school principal and counselor about the whole situation and the response I got was that the school couldn’t do much about the cyber bullying because it most likely happened off school grounds. She passed on the information to the police department. A police officer called me immediately to talk about the incident. He was taking this very seriously and wanted to help us. He told me to report this kids page to instagram as bullying and that he would contact the kids parents and go to the school to talk to the kid. I did exactly that; I reported the bully to instagram and the police officer called me about his interaction with the bully. Basically the kid was remorseful and said that he would take the pictures down. The police officer told the boy that he has 2 strikes against him and if he did one more thing, it would be on his record. Riley is fine and knows that this was something that was hurtful but he is rising above it.

I was proud that Riley felt comfortable talking to me about this situation. I was proud of Riley’s friend telling him about the situation. I was proud of the police office for standing up to bullies. I am my child’s advocate and I will not stand by and let bullying happen. I will teach my children to stand up for someone who is getting bullied. I will teach my kids to sit by the kid that is lonely. I will teach my kids to stand for the right and to always CHOOSE KIND!

Lets start a movement where we stand up to bullying. We don’t support and enforce it. We stick up for the people who are being bullied. Bullying happens to everyone, not just kids. I have been bullied as an adult and it is the WORST feeling ever! We are all on this Earth to learn and grow. We are here to help others. We are here to learn how to love one another. If you hear of someone being bullied, stick up for them and let them know that they are loved and cared about.


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