Judge not, that ye be not judged

Yesterday was a special day, as we celebrated the graduation of several mentees, their sobriety and way of changing their life to bigger and better things.

I volunteer at Foundation of Family Life MentorWorks program which provides individuals with past addictions and habits to move on and create a better way of life for themselves. I came into the program thinking that by teaching lessons to these people, I would solely be helping them on their way to meeting their goals, helping to inspire that change. However, the teaching and learning has been reciprocated on both ends. I have learned from my friends in this program the importance of simplicity, forgiveness, allowing people to change, and most importantly the importance of not judging anyone.

When new people join the program, everyone greets them with open arms and ears ready to listen. Many have explained that they feel loved and accepted here more than they have anywhere else, that they feel hope to move on from past mistakes as apposed to in their lives before with people struggling to support them with this hope. When I have shared examples in my life of friends who struggle with the same things they have, the mentees have offered advice on how to help these people and even offer the invitation for them to attend these classes that have helped them so much.

My friends in this program have struggled, just like the rest of us. We ALL have temptations, we ALL have weakness… and we are ALL worthy of Jesus Christ’s Atonement for us, allowing us to move on from sin, be forgiven, feel of His love for us and our worth to Him, and change for the better.

I am grateful to volunteer at Foundation of Family Life MentorWorks and to be learning such essential lessons with more open eyes and be less judgmental. I have built wholesome relationships in this organization that have definitely blessed my life.

If you are interested in volunteering with this program or want to know more about the it, check out the website below:




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