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A new Year, a new ME!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I LOVE the start of a new year because of new goals and resolutions! I thought I would share some of my goals for a new me this year!

  1. Physical-I have had 5 babies and I am ready to get back in shape and the healthiest I can be this year! To do that I am starting out the new year with a DETOX! I am on day 4 of a 26 day DETOX so I am just starting the journey! So far it has been SO great! I feel empowered by being being disciplined and intentional with what I am putting in my body. I am doing the green smoothie girl detox and it is basically just drinking a lot of fruits, veggies and greens! I am also drinking a TON of water…like 100 plus ounces a day which is great to flush everything out! I have started a work out routine which feels so great to have a plan and stick with it! Having a support group is HUGE when you are changing your lifestyle! My husband is doing the detox with me and I am starting to workout with friends so I am accountable! I will write the results of the detox at the end of the 26 days!
  2. Spiritual-I have really wanted to be more spiritual so this year, I am setting some quiet time aside each day to read scriptures, pray and ponder. I have also loved listening to uplifting talks and podcasts that make me want to be better and to feel spiritual. Some of my favorite talks and books come from desert bookshelf where you can listen to wonderful books! Some of my favorite podcasts are about progress and extraordinary Moms.
  3. Financial-my husband and I read the total money makeover by Dave Ramsey and have listened to his podcasts! We are determined to teach our kids how to handle and save money. My husband and I are determined to work on each baby step in this financial journey! We have made financial goals and have determined to communicate about these goals once a week.
  4. Personal-I want to be a more patient and loving Mom to my kids and to do that, I have been reading great books, listening to great podcasts and getting advise on how to do this! One resource that has helped me tremendously is listening to Ralphie Jacobs from Simply on Purpose. She is on instagram and she makes videos on topics like how not to yell, how to be more present in your child’s life, how to be in the moment. I have LOVED listening to her videos and I think they have really helped me to be the MOM I really want to be! I am trying to get her on our blog because she is just amazing! Stay tuned!
  5. Family Motto-Get things done this year! Every 2 months, I am going to make goals that I can get done and then make new goals to continue getting things done this year! These include organization of my house, organizing get togethers, losing weight, and reading more books to my kids.

I hope you have made your own goals for the new year! Keeping yourself accountable is so important! SMART Goals are the best kind of goals to make for yourself:







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