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When I was young someone gave me a copy of, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. It was the first book I remember reading and feeling a change inside of me. It began my love for non-fiction and reading in general.

Can you think back to a time when a book given to you made a significant impression? A book where someone thought of you specifically when they bought it? Have you felt that for someone else? Maybe a book made you feel something and you want to share it with the world–(ahem, Daring Greatly for me!)

A thoughtful book is a wonderful gift for anyone–even for the non-reader, (pop-up book, coffee table book, etc). However, with so many books out there it can be difficult to know what would be the perfect one to give.

Today we are focusing on our favorite children’s books. Nothing brings the moms of this blog more joy than seeing our kids reading books alone or to each other. Our suggestions today are great for a baby shower, child’s birthday or any other special occasion! Enjoy!


A friend recently asked me what books are good to introduce children to art. These are my top picks:

The Art Book for Children I love this book because it teaches kids the history behind the work, symbolism and techniques artists used. My son will choose a random picture from the book that interests him and we will read and talk about it together.

ABC from the Rijksmuseum: This book isn’t specifically amazing–however, the Rijksmuseum is the main museum where we live. We love taking this book to the museum and looking for the works found in the pages. Having art books in your home from where you live is a wonderful way to bring art to life.

You Can’t Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum: This book is so well done and will be even more special when you visit the MET..not if, when–everyone needs to get there. It is a book without words that highlights works from the MET in the most comical way. Children and adults alike will love this book.


These books are perfect for expecting parents or parents with small children.

The Wonderful Things You’ll Be: This story exhibits the same beauty as the illustrations. It follows every parents thoughts as they look at their young baby wondering about all things they will be. Get ready for some tears.

The Story Orchestra-Four Seasons in One Day: This book is not only gorgeous it plays music from the Four Seasons! Babies, toddlers and kids alike will love this little tale.

Baby Animals, Babies and Baby Born are my personal favorite baby shower gifts. They are adorable, simple and (plus side!) board books. No tearing or water logging here!


For the 4+ old in your life enter the world of Where’s Waldo. My son and I love looking at these books together and they usually make it into his backpack for any trip we take. They are well worn for right reason. fullsizeoutput_773

I am a firm believer in learning about where you live as well as where you are traveling or hope to someday travel. Even if a trip to Paris isn’t going to happen in the near future kids can still learn about the culture by looking at books! If there are books specifically about where you live invest in them! If someone you know is moving, a book about where they are going or where they are moving from is a great gift idea! These books by Ashley Evanson are not only adorable but great learning tools for toddlers!fullsizeoutput_775

Fun books for kids:

Dragons Love Tacos, it’s silly and fun!

The Day the Crayons Quit is so cleaver and imaginative–the whole family will love it.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be makes another appearance because it’s so cute.


Books for kids that have deeper meaning:

Rosie Revere, Engineer: Girls can do anything! Such a great story about courage, bravery and brilliance. Great for boys or girls.

We’re All Wonders: Basically a child version of the book, Wonder, this story teaches children that although we all look different we are all wonderful.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Dr. Seuss teaches us about life and the challenges and successes we will encounter–also a good graduation gift!

Things That Go: I HAD to include this book since it has been a total favorite in our home. It doesn’t have deep meaning like the selections above but my son can identify any vehicle thanks to these informative pages!


For the toddler, child, high school student or sophomore in college:

ABC’s of Physics, Science and Mathematics: I saw these book at our local bookstore recently and found myself learning so much just by looking through quickly. Each letter highlights an aspect of science, physics or math with a simple explanation both children and college students can understand. Getting a little jump start on terms like electrons, force and zygote can’t hurt anyone.


What are books you and your children love? Sharing is caring!

xo, Ashley

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