Hello there.

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We are ecstatic you are here. We’ve been occupying this little space on the Internet for almost a year and you know what? We love it. We like to think of anyone who is reading as a sister. In other words we like to keep it real. We are here to talk about those stretch marks, DIY eyelashes (bless), adult acne, potty training and what Netlflix shows need to be on your radar.

The truth is we don’t post every day. We have lives and this isn’t our job. It is our hobby!

Although we could talk about Taylor Swift, jeggings, and goldfish crackers smashed all over our car for days on end we will also highlight other aspects of life. We promise to give you the good, bad and ugly. How to have hard conversations, what will enlighten your life, and even how to find Christ. We like to think of ourselves as well rounded.

Here is our sister lineup:

Chrissy, finishing up her undergraduate studies, teaching violin lessons, dating up a storm and probably getting ready for a cleaning check.

Angie, working two jobs, walking her dog, mastering the art water color and constantly loving on her nieces and nephews.

Ashley, riding a bike with two kids in tow, starting Spanish lessons and figuring out life as an expat in Amsterdam.

Andrea, keeping her family warm in Wisconsin. Five kids, one dog and several violin students. Basically homemaker extraordinaire.

We pull from our own lives but love your input. What we we write may not be earth shattering or new but it might be what you needed yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Welcome to our sisterhood.

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