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A New Year!

I love the start of a new year because it is the chance to reevaluate things you want to change or improve about your life! Along with goals to better yourself, our family likes to have a Family Motto to use throughout the year. Having a family motto and talking about it throughout the year helps to remind our family what we want to accomplish for the year and it directs us. I have kids ranging in age from 13 to 2 so the motto needs to be something that everyone can do and understand. I was so proud of my 6 year old when someone asked him what the family motto was 11 months into it! He repeated it with confidence and explained what it meant! Here are a few tips for creating a family motto!

  1. Keep it short. A family motto doesn’t need to be a paragraph or even explain every detail. It should be to the point to direct the focus of the motto. Our family motto for 2018 is “Fackrell’s find JOY in getting things DONE!” You may say, what are you getting done this year? Well, that is for the family discussion every week to evaluate what we will focus on. We have decided to make 3 month taste/goals and every 3 months we will check them off of the list and make new goals. This will happen 4 times a year as a way for us to get a lot of things done!
  2. Keep it obtainable. I hate when I make goals for myself that are going to be near to impossible to get to. It’s like I am setting myself up for failure on day 1! Instead, make goals that you know you will make and be able to check off!
  3. Make it about what your family needs. One year we had just moved to a new state so our goal was “Fackrell’s try new things and meet new people” as a way to push all of us to really get into our new environment and it worked! We went out of our way that year to try new things and meet new people!
  4. Write down all of your ideas. Brainstorm with your family and write everyone’s ideas down. My husband and I had 2 pages of ideas written down. I would say them out loud and we would talk about if that was what we wanted to focus on and then either take it off to the list or circle the main point from it. After this process, we came up with the key points and had our motto!
  5. Post it! If you don’t see it, you won’t remember it! Once we established what our family motto was, I put it on our letter board in our family room so we can see it every day.

I love starting out the year motivated with our family motto. Everyone is on board and ready to get things done in 2018! What does your family do the beginning of the year?

Happy 2018!!!

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