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Your health is a GIFT

Giving yourself the gift of HEALTH is the best thing you can give yourself in my opinion. Lately, I have been feeling not myself. I have vertigo {feeling dizzy, light headed and lots of headaches} just from doing the day to day tasks around the house {don’t even get me started on working out…I will fall over from dizziness!}, and I have insomnia! These are 2 things I never would have expected to get but I am determined to get to the bottom of these 2 problems! No Vertigo and Insomnia for this Mom of 5! No Way! So I gave myself the gift of health this Christmas! I researched solutions, reached out for help and went to the Doctor! My life is so crazy busy that I just don’t have the time to mess around with not feeling my very best so I wanted to take care of this situation and take care of ME! If any of you have had Vertigo where you feel like you just got off a twirly rollercoaster when you move your head or you have looked at the clock every hour throughout the night and did not get any sleep, you know that it is not a good situation. Here are a few tips I have found that will help with these things!


**Vertigo is linked to inner ear problems. You feel off balanced and dizzy. My friend told me that she does ear candles to her family once a year to clear out all of the gunk from inside. I thought this was THE Craziest thing I have ever heard but I was willing to try anything! My friend came over and helped me with the ear candle. My kids thought it was hilarious to watch a burning candle by Mom’s head! It didn’t hurt, just had some crackling sounds. When the candle was finished, we unwrapped the bottom and put the contents in a bowl to see what was inside my ear. It was gross! A lot of the yellow dust was from the actual candle, but there were some hard amber colored pieces that was dried up ear wax that came out of my ear! I was disgusted with the evidence! I did feel like my ears were cleaned out which was nice,  but the next day, I was still dizzy.

**I went to an ear nose and throat doctor to see if I could get this vertigo taken care of! I told the Doctor that I had an ear candle to clean out my ear and he said that was NOT a good thing to do! He didn’t tell me why, but I am thinking it is the difference between the medical field vs the holistic field. He was no help at all. He gave me a paper with head exercises to do to not feel dizzy. Believe me, I am willing to do anything, so we will see if this helps. He said it will eventually just go away!




**You would think that a Mom of 5 would sleep so well at night because they are so exhausted! Well, the opposite has happened to this Momma! I have SO much on my mind that I have a hard time shutting it off at night. I read in bed every night to make me tired, but then when I actually try to go to sleep, I start getting worried that I won’t get a good nights sleep or thinking about the list of things to do the next day! I am not just going to except that I have a sleeping problem because I feel so much more productive if I have a good nights sleep so I am determined to find a solution to this as well! My Aunt Linda has also had sleeping problems and actually was part of a sleep study earlier this year. Here are some things she learned from the sleep doctor.

  1. Talk to a Doctor about your sleep problems.
  2. Sleep cannot be forced. Retrain your brain for better habits to set yourself up for success.
  3. Relax for an hour before bed. Don’t do things that are taxing on your brain.
  4. 7 hours of sleep is pretty average so figure out what time you need to go to bed.
  5. No chocolate or dessert before bed. If you are hungry, have a small protein snack.
  6. If you are worried about sleep, don’t try to sleep. You will just lay there for hours trying to sleep. Do something until you are tired, then try to sleep.
  7. Make a list of things you need to do so you don’t worry about it while trying to get to sleep. {a worry list}
  8. Set your room up so it is a comfy, cool and dark place.
  9. Have an alarm clock so that you don’t worry about waking up.
  10. Don’t look at your clock during sleep time.
  11. No naps during the day {this cuts into your 7 hours of sleep}
  12. Log your sleep
  13. Warm tea like lemon and mint tea before bed will help you calm down.


On a separate note, our Grandmother has Dementia pretty bad and my Aunt Linda has really researched how we can not get it in the future. Here are a few things she has learned.

  1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
  2. Exercise to get your blood flowing
  3. Change & Challenges are Good for you
  4. Socialization is crucial for your short term memory.

My Aunt Linda’s theme for the year has been Be Good, Do Good and Enjoy the Good! I think that is a great way to go about life! Especially when we are talking about our health! Treat your health as if it is a GIFT and make it an important part of your life!

Merry Christmas,


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