Feature Friday: Lizzy Jensen of The Small Seed

We are thrilled to have Lizzy Jensen of, The Small Seed as our Feature Friday today. To know her is absolutely to love her. Whether you follow her personally or The Small Seed on social media you will find yourself uplifted. In particular The Small Seed has a great movement on their site called Light The World that you won’t want to miss.

The work that she is doing is so inspiring and important. We asked her to tell us about The Small Seed (TSS) and hope you enjoy our chat as much as we did.

Tell us how TSS came to be:

A few months after I had my first baby I read a book called, “The Power of Everyday Missionaries” by Clayton Christensen. The premise of the book is to inspire and give practical tools for how we can share our faith in a natural way. In the book Clayton Christensen talked about sharing faith online, and as I read the book I had a little thought in my head, “You should do this.” Funny enough, I immediately thought, “who me?!” I am the last person to put myself online, put up a public profile, and there’s nothing that makes me feel more uncomfortable then self-promotion. But the more my heart pounded, and the more opposition I felt, the clearer it became to me that I should.

With some encouragement from others, and after learning that we were having high-risk twins, I decided to move forward and put up a blog I called The Small Seed, a non-denominational blog about faith, to be a platform for myself and others to share how our faith in God has impacted our life.
What has surprised you the most with it?
That it ever grew beyond me sharing with close family and friends! The fact that it has now turned into a team of now over 20 women would have blown my mind had someone told me when I started. And truly I believe it’s just getting started.
How do you think it can help others?

One of my favorite ways that’s happening right now is that it’s provided resources for families to create traditions of faith. I have been so surprised as I dug into the typical holiday traditions around Easter and Christmas, at how few of us really have great faith-filled traditions. I think we’re helping to change that.

Another way it’s helped others, that I’ve felt passionately about from the beginning, is that by opening my mouth, and my team opening theirs, and owning our faith in person and online, we unconsciously invite others to do the same. I think the more we all talk about our faith, the more we will enable others to as well.

Lastly, I love that it has provided a platform for others to share their own stories of faith. It’s a lot of work starting and running a blog and to give others a platform to share their stories so they don’t have to do all the work in starting and running a platform gives me a lot of satisfaction. As well as knowing that once they write and share their stories they will be preserved forever. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that.

What would you say to others who want to start something from scratch like you have done with TSS?

If you feel called to do it, do it. Whenever you follow that call inside is when life really gets fun. And hard. It’s the good life. Everything takes more work than you think, but when you follow a call somehow you’re given the energy, ideas, and stamina needed.

Also if you’re doing it for yourself, for notoriety, for gain, then don’t do it. You’ll never be satisfied, because those things don’t satisfy. But if you’re willing to turn it over to God then you can never fail. He’ll make it what it needs to be, and make you what you need to be in the process too.

And if you’re trying to do something, you’re already doing better than you think.

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