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Feature Friday: Tara Swalve

Do you ever want to get involved in your community but just don’t know how? When we first moved to Wisconsin a year ago, I made a fast friend and she does exactly that-volunteers in her community. Tara Swalve is involved in just about everything that her kids are involved in and she is such a good example to me of getting involved in things that matter. Whenever I talk to her, she always has something new going on in her life that she is working on. I attended an amazing event that she put on called Wine Women and Shoes benefitting the Cancer Hospital in Madison and then bright and early the next morning I saw her helping at the snack booth at the local basketball youth tournament. This is just who she is and its awesome to see how involved she is.  She is a Mom of 3 awesome kids and she is a friend to everyone she meets. I asked her a few questions…enjoy!

*What organizations are you involved with?

-Board Member current Vice President for Friends of UW Hospital Clinics and American Family Childrens Hospital. As a board we create, organize and support events to raise funds that support the patients and families of the hospital. Flower sales, Galas, Wine Women Shoes, Love Lights and Pink Lights to high light a few.

-Music Boosters
-Baseball Boosters
-BDL board
-Performing Arts Apparel Program
-Library Cabinet of Waunakee
*How did you get started with volunteering and what motivates you?
All my mentors have taught me to be involved and give back. Through service we grow. My parents always were involved and we want our children to see the same example.
*How has serving in your community helped you?
My life is fuller because of being a part of these groups. Together we are better.
See, I told you she is awesome! I have really enjoyed watching her example with being involved in her kids activities and the community. Since being in Wisconsin, I am trying to find my place in the community as well. I volunteer my time each week at my Church by playing the piano for the children and doing activities with the 8-11 year old girls twice a month. Getting to know of ways you can be of service in your Church is easy because there is always something that needs to be done, just ask! There is a great website called that will give you ideas of what to do around your area. Great resource! Another good way to get started is to just see what your kids are involved with and volunteer there. There are many jobs to run a sports and music program.
My family and I go once a month to our local retirement center to play our violins and sing for the old folks there. It brings a smile to their face and makes my kids feel good to provide music to them. It is an easy thing to do, but makes a big impression to the residents.
Get involved in your community and I can guarantee that you will make a difference!

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