Feature Friday: The Sisters

For today’s feature Friday, we thought it would be fun to feature, well, US! There are 4 sisters who make up Say it Sis and we are all in a different stage of life.  {Andrea-5 kids and in the thick of all age groups, Ashley-2 young kids figuring out how to live in a different country, Angie-the cute in love newlywed, Chrissy-the college student who is single!} Here is a bit about all of us sisters!

***Andrea-I have LOVED being the oldest of the sisters because I have had the honor of doing hair and changing diapers when the girls were babies, helped the sisters get ready for school dances, given them dating and marriage advise, and have genuinely enjoyed being a friend to each of them. I have 5 kids of my own ranging in age from 13 down to 1! We are in every age development category there is it seems like from teenage hormones to potty training! We have a new golden doodle puppy because, well, I love my kids! I am trying to embrace the stage of life I am currently in because it is a bit crazy right now with kids busy activities! I love talking with my sisters and Mom on the phone, taking pictures of my kids and teaching violin lessons! Before having kids I was a first grade teacher and violin teacher to more than 30 kids! Favorite movies: How to lose a guy in 10 days, Music Man and Pride & Prejudice.


***Ashley-I am wife and stay at home mother to two little kids. I love filling my days exploring Amsterdam by bike, becoming a better cook thanks to Our Best Bites and making peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Also, I just joined the PTA…so…                          I have lived in Amsterdam for almost a year and have loved it! I love blogging {over at   taxistotulips.com}  writing, reading, biking around the Dutch canals, and museum hopping. Love any cheesy move on Netflix including When Calls the Heart and Fuller House. Discovering a love for new cultures and customs living abroad.  Before having kids, I was an Events Coordinator! My favorite movies are:  That Thing You Do, Little Women and Dan in Real Life. What I love about having sisters is getting advice and opinions from people I love/trust/who get me!

***Angie- I’m currently teaching preschool and teaching violin lessons. We just moved into a new house where we are still getting settled. I’m loving the Utah fall weather and wish it would stick around longer! Not ready for snow anytime soon!!
My hobbies and interests include water coloring, traveling, and going on hikes and walks with my husband and dog. I’m also about to learn how to sew, so we will see how that goes.
My dream job would be to travel the world- and be paid to travel the world. Maybe be a food critic around the world?
My favorite movie of all time is how to lose a guy in 10 Days. Love it so much. Never gets old. Can I change my dream job to be Andi Anderson?
I also have been loving the TV show “This Is Us”. Super uplifting, real, raw show. Doesn’t include any politics or anything for people to disagree on, they make it very open to all audience to be interested in!
My favorite thing about having sisters is having 3 best friends that I can count on and talk to about anything. Even though we all live across the world, we still make it a priority to FaceTime often and talk. This is so special because it could be extremely hard with distance to still stay close and connected, but we make it work very well! I have the best sisters ever!
***Chrissy- 1. stage of life: studying at good ol’ BYU in Family Services to go into Social Work with a minor in Violin Performance. Violin teacher on the side:)

My hobbies etc.: granola mmm so yummy!, Trevor Hall (music), playing in a local Provo band ‘Josh Snider and the Attic Kids’
My Dream Job: owning my own facility as a social worker- helping people with all sorts of ordeals!
My favorite movie: thinker movies- Arrival, Inception, Sherlock Holmes, etc.
My Favorite thing about having sisters: instant go-to helpers with whatever you may need with 3 different views and opinions! I am a  Thrift store lover, barefoot walker, Returned Missionary from Russia!

One thought on “Feature Friday: The Sisters

  1. Love reading about you all and the amazing things you are doing! I’m a social worker too! And I love this blog and reading your posts!!


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