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How to: Wallpaper

As I was preparing to re-do my daughters room, I knew I wanted to wallpaper one wall. I got a bid from my painter for him to install the wallpaper, and it was going to be expensive. It was right then and there that I knew I could install it if I did some research. I am so glad I did it myself because wallpaper is expensive, so I felt more justified buying the wallpaper since I was saving so much money by doing it myself! The wallpaper was not has bad as I thought it was going to be as I put it up! If I can do it, you can do it! It made the room just pop and we are in love with this new room!


#1. Prepare the room…take off outlet covers, have all of your supplies ready, and make sure the wall is clean.


#2. Start from the top of the wall with your roll of wallpaper and have it roll down to the baseboard. Mark the top and the bottom with a bit extra for mistakes. Cut the marked wallpaper using a ruler and scissors. IMG_0677

#3. Put the cut piece of wallpaper on a flat surface and spray with water. Make sure you spray the edges especially so they stick well to the wall. I liked spraying with a water bottle instead of sponging on because it seemed a lot cleaner and I had more control where the water went.



#4. Match up each panel to the previous panel. While the paper is still wet, you will be able to move the paper so it connects to the previous wallpaper design.


#5. Take out your smoother and smooth out all of the bubbles and creases while it is still wet.


#6. Razor off the remaining paper with a razor and the smoother. While holding the smoother on the baseboard or ceiling, move the razor along to make a straight line.


#7. Spray the wallpaper and smooth with a towel or sponge to make sure the wallpaper is smooth against the wall.


#8. Mark any hazards on the wall with a pencil or pen then cut around it.


#9. Re-install the outlet covers.


#10. Sit back and enjoy your work!

This project was a fun new skill to learn. I watched a ton of youtube tutorial videos beforehand which helped to help me find the way I wanted to do this. For instance, a few of the videos said to dip the wallpaper in a tub full of water. That just seemed messy to me, so I decided to try the water spray bottle and it was so much easier! The hardest part of this project was to measure and cut around the ledges and windows.  This was a time consuming project, so I listened to podcasts or listened/watched movies on netflix. Now that I have done this room, I want to do some more wallpaper in other rooms in my house!!!


*Wallpaper {this wallpaper is from Anthropology}

*Water Spray Bottle

* Razor


*Towel or Sponge

*Pencil or Pen

*Ruler or Tape Measurer



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