Family Pictures 101

Does the thought of having family pictures stress you out? It does to my husband, but I am that person who LOVE family pictures. I don’t love the prep beforehand and the praying that everyone will smile and not cry, but the end result is so precious to me! I love preserving the ages and stages in my kids, so I make family photos a priority. Here are a few tips on how to have a successful family photo session!

  1. Start with a color scheme. Pull clothes you already have that go with that color scheme, figure out what gaps need to be filled, go shopping for those missing items and then display all of the outfits on your bed to see if everything matches up. This will help to visually see if everyone has what they need for the pictures, and keep you organized for the day of the pictures!


columbus ohio newborn lifestyle session kids from above full

2. Write a list of photos/poses you would like for the photo session. When we had our photo session after we had our 5th baby, I knew I wanted an individual picture of the baby with each child. When you are in the middle of family photos, things can get pretty crazy and chaotic, so giving a list of poses you want to your photographer beforehand will make things not so stressful.

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle session big sister with baby full

3.Timing is everything! If you know that your photographer is coming at 2:00, make sure that everyone is fed, the baby has had a nap or will be sleeping during the pictures, that everyone’s hair is done and most importantly that everyone is HAPPY! The more organized I am beforehand, the better the photo session goes. If I am hurried and frantic, the pictures don’t go so great usually! Be prepared!!!

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle family on bed looking at baby web

4. Location…if you are doing pictures inside your house, make sure that there will be good natural light coming in. With the newborn pictures, I didn’t anticipate them to be in the nursery, but when that was the room that had the best natural light, we decided to take pics in there instead. If you are doing pictures at an outdoor location, make sure beforehand that it is available to the public, what props do you need to bring with you, will it be cold? Think ahead.

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle baby in crip mouth wide open full


columbus ohio newborn lifestyle session kids on bed smiling fullcolumbus ohio family lifestyle family in front of christmas tree from above full

5. If there will be clothing changes, have them available so that it will be quick. The quicker we can do family photos, the BETTER! columbus ohio newborn lifestyle dad looking at baby full

6. Prep your husband that he needs to have a good attitude for about 2 hours of pictures so that he doesn’t complain!!! I don’t know about your husband, but mine needs this pep talk! Lets just say he was NOT excited for family pictures when the photographer showed up, but after he saw the pics, he was happy with them.


I hope these tips help you as you are preparing for family photos. Just remember that it is a lot of effort, but they will be memories  you will have forever!

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