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Family Pictures 101

Does the thought of having family pictures stress you out? I love preserving memories of my family and make it a priority.  I have learned a few tip to make it not stressful throughout the years so hopefully this post helps you to get your family photos this year!

  1. Color Scheme: Choose a color scheme to start piecing clothing together. Look through closets to pull what you already have then shop around for the items you still need. By pulling clothes and piecing together clothing a couple of weeks before pictures will help you be organized and prepared.

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle session kids from above full

2. Be prepared: Make a list of poses and pictures you want for your photo session and give it to the photographer beforehand. Your photographer will thank you and you won’t be as stressed making sure you get everything you want. I wanted an individual picture of the kids with the new baby, so my photographer made this happen. The Mom is always so  worried that everyone is looking at the camera and smiling that the last thing you want to think about it all of the pics you want!

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle session big sister with baby full

3. Timing: Make sure that you have timed everything before the photos so that you are prepared. Make sure everyone is fed so they are not ornery, the little kids have gone potty and taken a nap, the baby is going to be fed and tired/sleeping for the pictures. I have had bad experiences with not being prepared and organized with the timing and I was super stressed out. I have also had experiences that I was organized and prepared and I find myself so much happier.

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle family on bed looking at baby web

4. Have snacks or bribes available for crying kids! There is nothing worse than a picture that is perfect except for one sobbing child! Dum Dum suckers usually work wonders!

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle session kids on bed smiling full

5. Check out your location beforehand.  Make sure it is a public place where you will not be disturbed by others. Watch the weather if you are taking pics outside. You may need to adjust clothing, or bring extra blankets or props.  If you are doing photos inside, make sure you know where the best natural light is.

columbus ohio family lifestyle family in front of christmas tree from above full

5. Make time for clothing changes. Have the clothing readily available so that it is quick. You don’t have much time to have happy kids, so you need to be quick about everything!

columbus ohio newborn lifestyle dad looking at baby full

6. Prep your husband before the pics…maybe your husband likes pictures, but mine does not! I have to give him a pep talk about how we are preserving memories of our family and how we will have these memories forever. Throughout the photo shoot, I have to remind him that it won’t be that long!


Hopefully these tips help you to have success at your next family photo shoot! You will love having these pictures for years to come!

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