Feature Friday: General Conference

We are Mormon. This means we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are Christian. We strive to love one another, to be our brothers (and sisters) keeper, to build one another up and stand up for truth and righteousness. We call women in our church, “sister”. We call men in our church, “brother”. We believe in the same teachings that Jesus Christ taught when he was on the earth. We believe that God talks directly to prophets as He did anciently. Why would He talk to prophets way back when and then think we wouldn’t need the same guidance and direction now? Our prophet today is President Thomas S. Monson and he is amazing. We believe God loves us so much that He has not sent us here without help and answers. There are many tools He has given to help us while we are on earth. Some of these tools include: The Bible, The Book of Mormon (we believe in both of these scriptures), the temple (where we do work for those who have passed on including family members), prayer, Church (interested? Find a church building near you), missionaries (Located throughout the world missionaries purpose is to help spread the good news of our Savior Jesus Christ), and General Conference.

What is General Conference??

Twice a year members of our faith and anyone who cares to listen/watch, spend two days watching something called General Conference. This is where our Church leaders address members of our faith throughout the world. These leaders have prayed for guidance and have been lead by God to know what we need to hear. We take notes, we listen intently and we use what they share to deepen our faith and become better people. It is awesome.

Wait! Sitting for two days watching hours of men and women speaking is awesome? The answer is yes. We teach our children from young ages that General Conference is a big deal and that we take it seriously. All of us sisters at SIS have fond memories playing with Legos or Lightbright (best toy ever), while eating our moms caramel popcorn and watching General Conference. Most of us won’t be together to watch the conference this year. Even though we are placed all around the world we all will be tuning in. We invite you to join! Saturday 930 10 a.m.-12 and again from 2 p.m.-4 p.m. MST and again on Sunday at the same time. You can watch it at LDS.org, on BYU TV or Mormon.org

General Conference officially kicked off last week with a special meeting for the women and girls of the Church ages 8+. If you want to go watch it there you can here. So many inspirational and beautiful messages!

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