Unicorn Party!

My daughter is obsessed with Unicorns so of course we were going to have a unicorn party for her 9th birthday! I love throwing parties and I will say this one was especially fun to come up with the decorating, games and crafts because unicorns are cute and the colors are so much fun! I wanted to give a few tips on how I threw this unicorn party!

  1. Start a pinterest board to keep all of your ideas in one place! About a month before the party, I started a unicorn party pinterest board and kept all of my ideas there to refer back to when I started to plan out the party details.
  2. Go to the craft store and get inspired! I went to Michaels Craft store and seriously just walked the aisles for inspiration on unicorn crafts! Lets just say I had a cart full of unicorn fun!
  3. Choose a color scheme and go for it! Unicorns are so full of color so I went with the rainbow colors, mint/pink/purple and gold for the decorations!
  4. Write down the order of things you want to do at the party because believe me, when 10 cute little girls arrive at your house, your organized list will come in handy!
  5. Include members of your family to help with the party! I LOVE involving my husband in the kids parties because it not only helps me out, but he LOVES being a part of the party and he is FUN! I also had my daughter help with the craft stations.
  6. Set out everything you are going to use for the party. I made the mistake of not setting out some of the favors that were going inside the gift bags and we found them after everyone had left! I was so sad that they didn’t get their individually wrapped rainbow candy!
  7. If you think you are going to be too busy to take pictures, take pics of the party decor before the party starts, then designate someone throughout the party to take pics of the girls doing the activities!

Well, here are some details about our Unicorns party! Happy party planning!!!


IMG_1068Birthday Banner/unicorn banner- Target, Colored Tassles-Amazon, Balloons/Pinata-Walmart,  Pom Pom Garland-Hello MayPole.


Gold Happy Bday letters/Paper Fans-Amazon, Napkins/utinsils/straws/drink containers-Walmart



IMG_1092.jpgPink Lemonade, Water in Drink Dispenser, Unicorn Macron Cookies from Rosanna Pansino at Nerdy Nummies {Great video tutorial since these are hard cookies to make}, Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting and rainbow candy on top

Swirl Ice cream from the store and then throw sprinkles on top!!!



IMG_1065Gift Bags: While we were waiting for all of the guests to arrive, I had each of the girls draw a rainbow with their name on the bag so everyone knew who’s was who’s. They started out putting a colorful hair tie and unicorn lollypop in their gift bag.

IMG_1063Unicorn Hats: Then they chose some pom moms and they decorated their unicorn hat to wear at the party. I made these hats out of Gold pasteboard. Just cut a circle, then cut it in half, then make a cone shape and staple with stretchy cord on each side.

**When the girls were finished, they also put on a unicorn tail which I made before the party. Take 3 colors {or more} of tulle, tie it on a stretchy cord and then tie it around their waist to make a unicorn tail!

IMG_1062Each girl made a rainbow loom bracelet and a bead bracelet to go with the rainbow theme. When they were all done, they all looked so cute with their unicorn hat, unicorn tail and rainbow bracelets on! {All crafts were from Michaels}

IMG_1064Glitter bottle: Everyone chose which glitters they wanted to make their own glitter bottle. We made a paper funnel and poured the colors they wanted in each tube. When I showed them this craft, they were SOOO excited! I meant to use the huge gold glitter to pour on their heads while they were all getting the piñata candy, but it was a bit crazy and I forgot!



My husband read them the story, Uni the Unicorn {book from Amazon}. He put his fun flair and expression into the book as he ready with different voices!


The Unicorn March: We turned on Elle’s favorite song {Megan Trainer, Me too} and everyone danced in a circle with Regan at the lead of the circle wearing a HUGE unicorn head {from Target!} The girls LOVED this activity the BEST! Elle could not stop laughing! It was SOOOO funny!

IMG_1081.JPGWe had each girl hit the unicorn piñata once so we could get through as many people as we could before it broke. This piñata {from Walmart} was super cute and affordable, but it didn’t have a lot of room for candy. I stuffed it with as much candy as I could, then when it broke, I had a bag of candy for Regan to throw down the balcony while the girls were frantically trying to get their candy! Once they all got their candy, they put it in their gift bags.

This was the order of the party:

Decorate gift bags**Decorate Unicorn Hats, **Put Unicorn Tails and hats on  **Sprayed everyone with magic Unicorn spray {bath & body works body spray with glitter} **Make 2 kinds of bracelets, **Make glitter Tubes, **Unicorn March **Hit piñata, ** eat dessert, **gather on the couch **Listen to Unicorn Book **Open Presents **Make more bracelets while waiting for parents to pick up.

This party was  HUGE success and ELLE could not have been more happy which always makes all of the work going into the party worth it!

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