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Follow Friday: Gathre

Here at SIS we believe that sharing is caring. We want to share products/people/places/ideas with you that we have found valuable. Maybe some of the things are just things but some are things that make life easier and better. That is how I feel about today’s Follow Friday.

I first heard about Gathre probably five years ago when my friend pulled out this beautiful mat at the playground. It was something I hadn’t seen before but instantly knew I wanted to know more about.

This product was made by moms who were tired of doing laundry, (um, this is hitting close to home). The days of hauling a quilt to the park then pushing it into your washing machine are over. Gathre mats are made to get dirty with little or no cleanup. You can hose it off, wipe it off and use it again immediately. There are several sizes and colors which is also pretty fun.

Some of our favorite uses include:

-Taking it to the beach. No more sand getting all over our car from the blanket!

-The Park-perfect picnic piece. There is room for everyone and everything. Oh wait, the grass is wet? Not a problem, sit on the mat!

-Preschool. My daughter is in a little preschool that we host periodically. I love the circle mat because it is so inviting and fun to have everyone sit around together.

-High chair mess. Who cares if food is spilling all over! A simple wipe up and you are done!

-The little diaper changing mat is not only freaking adorable but it folds up and is so light. It almost makes me not want my 2-year-old to get potty trained because I love using it so much. Almost.

Lets get real–the cost. Yes, it took some convincing to get my husband on board but in his words, “We have definitely used them a ton.” (That is as exciting as I could get out of him. Totally fine.) It may be more then you would like to spend, however, it is durable, wipe-able, portable and just makes life easier. Also, you can get 10% off by signing up on their website!

Do you have a Gathre mat? What do you love about it?

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xoxo, Ashley


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