I am a recent fan of Podcasts! I stumbled on them after I was sick listening to the radio every time I went into town to grocery shop. Its only a 20 minute drive one way, but that adds up, and my baby usually falls asleep the first 5 minutes in the car, so I needed some entertainment! I started plugging my phone into the car and listening to it through the speakers and my love for podcasts was born! I like to put my phone in my pocket as I am going through the house picking up or cleaning. I like to listen to podcasts while I am crafting or doing projects in my house since I can’t watch something while I am busy wallpapering or painting.  I actually started listening to a podcast during my morning run instead of music the other day and it was awesome!

Pretty much they are a great option in any kind of circumstance. Here is a list of all of the sisters favorite podcasts! ENJOY!


*How I built this {podcast that interviews people who have built their company from nothing to millions. My favorite episodes are Sara Blakley-Spanx and Andy & Kate Spade}

*A Couple Cooks {husband and wife who talk about healthy cooking}

*Cold Case Files {the 1% of cold cases that are actually solved. Kind of gruesome, but I love stories when there is closure and justice served}

*Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin {Alec Baldwin literally just interviews interesting people. My favorite episode is when he interviews Audra McDonald}


*The History Chicks {2 ladies who tell about famous people in history. Ashley’s favorite episode is Lucille Ball}

*Awesome with Alison {Alison is hilarious and motivational}


*Serial {an extension of this Criminal where they go into detail about a murder case}

*How I built this {Favorite episode is Kate Spade}


*Ted Radio Hour


*Serial & Criminal

*The Chase Jarvis Live Show

*Psychology in everyday life

*the minimalists podcast

*The lituragists podcast

*This American Life


Leave a comment with your favorite podcast!!!!

One thought on “Podcasts

  1. Thanks for the great suggestions!! I’ll have to go subscribe to some of these!! A couple of my favorite are Extraordinary Moms and Up & Vanished. Mormon Mompreneur has some good episodes too.


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