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Book Review: For the Love

When someone sends you a book from the United States all the way to Amsterdam they believe it is a book you must read that very moment. This is exactly what happened with, For the Love. One of my girlfriends read it and sent it over. To prep for this review I re-read it while on a trip with my husband this last week. I lost count of how many times I said, “Oh honey, I HAVE to read you this part! It’s so good.” Bless him for never outwardly being annoyed.

For the Love is one of those books you find yourself reading and saying out loud, “Yes, I FEEL THE SAME WAY! YOU GET ME!” Like the chapter titled, “Fashion Concerns”. How we ever let leggings become pants is one of the greatest questions of mankind. Also, the author, Jen Hatmaker,  loves American Idol, (WHICH IS COMING BACK!!), as much as I do…so we should be besties. The way Hatmaker writes makes you feel like she is in the room with a non-creepy way.

This book goes through the raw truth of turning 40 as well as the deep stuff like finding fulfillment in your life. One of my favorite quotes regarding the later is:

“I don’t like when people minimize their gifts. There is a difference between humility and insecurity, and self-effacement does no one any favors. We teach our watching children to doubt and excuse and diminish themselves. Do we want our kids to reflect on their mothers and have absolutely no idea what we loved? What we were good at? What got our pulses racing and minds spinning? Don’t we want them to see us doing what we do best?”

Hatmaker is a pastor’s wife, mother of five and devote Christian. I appreciate the way she speaks of prayer and keeping God in the details. This is a quick, delightful and important read. It makes me want to get all my favorite girlfriends together to have a hilarious as well as deep conversation book club.

If you’ve read any of Hatmaker’s books, what do you like most about her writing?

xoxo, Ashley

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