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Back to School Traditions

Well, like it or not, school is back in session! Usually I am the sad Mom that doesn’t want school to start, but this year, I am the excited Mom that you see celebrating once the bus leaves on the first day! It has been a long summer, and we NEED to get back to routine!!! Don’t get me wrong, I still miss my kids like crazy and can’t wait to ask them my top 10 questions after school, BUT, the routine is now back and I am getting my stuff done during the day! Bonus is that I get to hang out one on one with my girl, Winnie!

So, back to school traditions! I view this as a holiday because I think that the way you set the tone before school will continue throughout school. So if you make it fun and exciting before school, it will continue to be fun and exciting throughout the year! Here are a few traditions we do in our home:
1. Decorate for Back to School {I put a fun school quote on the letter board, put chalkboards up. I even used some of the school supplies for decor!

2. Back to school dinner. I like to make this a fun dinner that is different than other dinners. This year, I made it like a school lunch. At Walmart, they have foam trays that look like school lunch trays, so put the food on those. I made chicken tenders, string cheese, an apple, peas and corn, fishy crackers and tater tots and dip. The kids LOVED this dinner!

3. Special Family Meeting. The night before school starts, we like to have a special family meeting to talk about the upcoming school year and our family theme. We decided this year to use part of our 2017 Family Motto which is to make tomorrow better than today. We talked as a family about how we can make each day better than before. It was a great kick off to the school year. We ended with all of our hands in the circle and said, ‘Go team Fackrell!’ We are a team in this together!

4. Kid Interviews. After the special family meeting, we had one on one interviews with each child. While the rest of the kids were waiting for their interview, they made goals of what they wanted to accomplish this school year that we will check every parent teacher conference. The one on one interviews was so great because we got to talk to each child about anything they were nervous about, excited about, how to make new friends and personal goals they wanted to achieve.

5. Dad Blessing. We finished off our special back to school night with my husband giving each of the kids a Fathers Blessing. Basically that just means that he asked Heavenly Father to watch over them this school year and to help them with everything they have going on in their lives. We as parents can do as much as we can, but then we feel like God also has a part in their lives. It was very special to hear each blessing and to know that God will be a part of their lives this school year as well.

So there you have it! Make your own back to school traditions each year and the main thing is to make it FUN & EXCITING!!!


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