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Family Economy

Do you ever feel like you are the hired house keeper in your house but not getting paid? I have felt like that for some time and I am over it. I did a lot of research on organizing kid chores and allowance and I think I found the solution! For the record, we were really good at our Saturday morning chores, just not the day to day stuff.

I presented the family economy plan 2 weeks ago at a family night meeting. We have been at the family economy for 2 weeks and I am SO HAPPY to say that it has been a great success! My kids have taken the new plan seriously and are excited!  The Saturday morning chores are listed specifiaclly for each child to look at. They take about an hour and we like to crank up our favorite tunes on Alexa to make it semi fun!

So, here is what I came up with with for my family:

FAMILY ECONOMY: For our family and house to function, we all need to help!

1.Saturday Morning Chores are not paid. {it is your duty because you live here}

2.You get paid your age each month IF you get every daily chore signed {2 leeway}

{You will get paid less for less signatures. You need to get signed off for each daily item}

3. 10-30-60 rule {10% donation/tithing 30% savings 60% checking}

4.Things left out will go in Mom’s bin. {you can get the items back on Saturday}

5. Rotate Zone of the Week. {Starts on Monday}

6.Monday & Thursday-Laundry Day {if you don’t turn your clothes in on Laundry day, your clothes do not get washed. If you do not put your clean clothes away, you will need to do your own laundry}

ZONES: everyone has to get their assigned zone checked off each night. I help the littles.

ZONE 1: Kitchen A

*Vacuum kitchen floor

*Wipe down counter top

*Set dinner table

ZONE 2: Kitchen B

*Clean up after dinner

*Load/Unload Dishwasher

*Put everything away in kitchen

{clean countertops/floor}

ZONE 3: Family Room/Locker Room

*Clean floor

{vacuum if needed, everything picked up}

*Hallway, entryway picked up

*Locker Room picked up

ZONE 4: Basement/Garage

*everything picked up

*Clean kitchen, couch, art table

*shoes/bikes put away in garage

So there you have it! Zones, Chores, Allowance…I am happy with the way the past 2 weeks have gone and I think the kids will be really happy when they get paid at the end of the month! Since I have LOVED the way it has gone so far, I will be really be pushing for this plan to continue as LONG as we can make it! The Mom does NOT need to be the house keeper! I have a lot of things I am good at and needed for, and I don’t need to be cleaning every day, all day! Good luck with your journey!!!

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