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Have you ever been intimidated by a DIY project? I have, but believe me I have overcome my fear! Do it yourself projects just take time, hard work and research! You can save SO much money by just doing it yourself! I had a vision for what I wanted my music room to be like and I had a set budget. I knew that if I hired a painter to do what I wanted would take nearly all of my budget, so I decided to buck up, research and put the hard work and time in myself!

When I say research, I mean do your homework. Go on pinterest and make a board of ideas you like. From there, google how-to tutorials on what you want to do. For me, I LOVE buffalo check print so I researched how to make that happen. Basically there were 2 options: Wallpaper or Paint! I got my bids for the wallpaper and it was going to be nearly $400 for the wallpaper which was too much out of my precious budget! Paint it was! I read the tutorial from the cute girls over at how to paint the buffalo check. I even reached out to them to see how difficult they thought it was on a scale 1-10. They said 4. I can do 4. 10, not so much.

Hard work and time: Penciling in the lines, taping {6 rolls of tape later} and painting took me a full week with 5 kids in the house. While I was busy with my project, my house was literally falling a part! Gold Fish crackers in the carpet, melted popsicles on the floor, dishes everywhere…you get the point. Turns out, when Mom isn’t telling everyone to clean up after themselves, sadly it doesn’t happen! We need to work on this obviously!

I had to use my little giant latter because the ceiling is vaulted so that was a work out throughout the week. Turns out that when you learn that heat rises in middle school science class, that is SOOO true! When I was on top of that ladder, I was sweating like I had just run a race! WOW! Super hot when you are 10 feet high!   The thing that got me through the hard work was 2 things. 1. knowing that my vision was coming together and 2. watching a netflix series on my iPad. When I say watching, I mean listening because obviously you can’t watch something while you are doing this kind of a project! I listened to Friday Night Lights and it was actually very entertaining!

So next time you want to do a make over on a room, do your homework and put in the time and hard work! You can do amazing things yourself! I couldn’t be happier with how the music room turned out! The whole reason why I even made this music room was because it was originally in the basement and if I was not physically in the room with the kids practicing, I could not hear them and I need to hear them practice to make sure they are doing it right! Now, I just SMILE so big when I can hear their beautiful violin music throughout the house! So worth it!

Soooo, without further ado, I give you THE MUSIC ROOM!!!


PAINT and supplies: Walmart! Bright white wall and trim paint  {$14.99/gallon}, 2 shades and gray and 1 black quart size, level, painters tape, paint pans and rollers

Piano: Bought for $100 8 years ago from a neighbor and painted it white! I had 2 men and a truck move it from the basement to the main floor for $220. WORTH it since my husband was not going to even entertain the thought of moving it!

Couch: Vintage green tufted couch from Walmart! Yes you read that correctly! $299 and FREE SHIPPING! I spent a few sleepless nights trying to decide between this green color and a light pink color. Green won and I am SOOO happy with it! It even turns into a bed!

Music Storage units. Ikea! I love that I can have all of my music organized by subject with the easy slide in baskets!

Ghost chair, plant and furry ottoman, prints:  Hobby Lobby! All of their furniture is always 30% off!

Floral Print: I ordered a 12×18 print of these adorable flowers from Rifle Paper Co. and could not be happier! I bought the gold frame at hobby lobby and I am in love!

Pillows: I ordered 18×18 pillows from Amazon and sewed cases from cute fabric from hobby lobby!×18+pillow+insert


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