Just in case you wanted to know:


  1. Blush Neo Crop Sweatshirt by Albion Fit: Okay, this is a pricey product-no sugar coating it. With that said, it is my favorite piece of clothing I’ve ever had with the exception of my wedding dress. You think I’m exaggerating don’t you? It is like wearing a marshmallow. I basically wear it every day and can’t recommend it more–if you decide not to eat for a month because it is so expensive.animal
  2. Animalarium by Katie Scott & Jenny Broom. My 4-year-old looked through this book every time we saw it at a store. When school was out this was his summer gift. The illustrations are beautiful and we love learning about all the animals together.moana
  3. Moana: Have I mentioned how much I love this movie? We have watched it more times then I’d care to admit and listen to the soundtrack every. single. day. I love the story, animation and message. If you haven’t watched it. Watch it. You’re welcome 🙂celebrate
  4. Celebrate Everything by Darcy Miller: I debated doing a whole post based on this book. It is GORGEOUS and absolutely full of great ideas. If you ever get one book about part planning/hosting/celebrating/events this is it. It’s better than Pinterest. Yes, I just said that.pons
  5. Pons sandals: Okay, I bought these on a whim here in Amsterdam for my 2-year-old and I am obsessed. They come in so many colors and sizes and are so versatile. Next summer I want to get matching ones!pic7
  6. CHATBOOKS. I’m just a big fan.


7. Sonnet James dresses: Guys. So in love. I wear these dress to church, the park, weddings, biking, the grocery store, etc. etc. etc. I don’t even want to tell you this but because I feel everyone should enjoy these dresses I’ll share–she is having a sale at the end of the month. Look into it.

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