Book Review: Life With Big Al– Judy Seegmiller

Book Review—- Life With Big Al by: Judy Seegmiller

3 of us sisters here had the chance to go to California this last week to visit our dear Grandmother Joy, celebrating her 90th birthday! It was nice to be able to spend quality time with her as well as seeing some of our favorite sites around the city we’ve grown up visiting. Our sweet Grandmother is such a hoot with a spunky sense of humor, passion for the jitterbug & seashells, and a strong love for her family. However, she lives with a form of dementia- Alzheimer’s Disease. Short term events are quickly forgotten as well as occasional long term as well. It is difficult to see a loved one go through dementia. It can be easy to demean such people without a good understanding of what they are going through.

Life With Big Al has helped me to understand my Grandmother’s Alzheimer’s better- what it is like for her as well as her caretakers. The book is written by Al’s wife who is his caretaker through it all. The book is compiled of her journal entries over the extent of Al’s Alzheimer days. I had the opportunity to hear from Judy in person as she discussed this now popular selling book. I couldn’t help but hug her and thank her for her powerful example to all who read it. She’s a role model in my life no doubt. She sees it as her purpose now to share her story with others and help bring about a greater understanding.

toward the end of the book, I couldn’t hold back tears as Judy pulls you in, sharing how heavy it can all seem but that her deep love for her husband pushes her through it all.

If you don’t currently know someone with some form of dementia, you certainly will at some point. Life with Big Al provides a deeper understanding and appreciation for all that goes into the journey of seeing your loved ones through trials.

Enjoy and give us your feedback on the book!


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