Together for a month…

The 4 sisters were together for the month of June and it was heaven on earth! Most of the time we were living in the same house with the exception of Chrissy finishing up her Spring college semester on the week days. It started out with the wedding of our brother and new sister in law! We had so much fun working in the yard cleaning out bird baths to decorating the trees to refilling lemonade for the reception. The next 3 weeks we tried to do something fun each day. My favorite part about being with the sisters for a month was just to talk to them at night when all of the kids were asleep. It is so funny to me how close we are even though there is a 15 year age difference between the oldest and the youngest sister! It just goes to show you that sisters are the BEST!

Here are a few fun things we did together while in Utah:

  1. Checked off all of our google keep items {We were all synced together on this app where we could list all of the things we wanted to do while together. On the list was BYU, Jolleys in SLC, shopping & eating, watercolor class, weddings every weekend for cousins and splash pads!}IMG_9121
  2. Eat at all of the yummy Utah places {Maddox, cafe rio, leatherbys, charleston, food for thought, zupas, and eat cake from the sweet tooth fairy!}IMG_9480
  3. Go to SWIG to get a yummy drink as much as possible! {My favorite drink is the Raspberry Dream…extra Raspberry puree and coconut cream}IMG_8757
  4. Violin Camp {Angie & Chrissy took teacher training while Ashley and Andrea brought kids to violin classes all week!}IMG_9450
  5. Fun Surprise Activities {The Crater at the Homestead, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat play, swimming on an awesome rooftop in Salt Lake City}
  6. Shopping at all of the awesome Utah clothing stores! {Our favorites: Downeast, Bohme, Piper & Scoot, Traverse Mountain Outlets and ALBION!}IMG_9100
  7. Learning how to put fake eyelashes on each other…lash5
  8. Helping Robby get ready for his wedding and Chrissy move into her new apartment

9. Welcoming a new Sister to the FAM! We love having Steph and Lisa as our sisters!

So you see, being with your sisters can be SO Much fun! I will never forget  June 2017 with my sisters!

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