DIY Eyelash Extensions

We have been so excited to try out eyelash extensions! There are a few ways to have fuller lashes and after we watched this tutorial we knew we had to try it out.

The top three reasons why we did this:

-Longer, fuller lashes that look natural without the price of going to a stylist, (which are around $100 and only last a few weeks.)

-The convenience of waking up with your eyelashes already done each day.

-At the end of the day there is no need to wash your mascara off!!

The truth:

It was more difficult than the video makes it look. It really helped that we were applying the lashes to each other. When we put them on ourselves it was trickier. You have to be really careful not to let the glue show. If you try the method we used make sure you don’t get a ton of glue–but if you don’t get enough on there they won’t stick! So again, tricky. We used the medium length and felt like they were great. (see pics below for exact products.)

Angie’s advice: Curl your lashes before applying the fake ones. They won’t look natural if you only curl it after.

Andrea’s advice: Have someone put them on you. Make sure you don’t laugh while they are putting them on!

Ashley’s advice: After applying the lashes if you need to fill in just a little spot you can cut the fake lashes in half and put them on–this prevents them from looking too full.

Chrissy’s advice (the spectator): You don’t need to have fake lashes! Love the ones you have!

There you have it. 2/3 of us like them. Tell us your advice!




If nothing else we had a really fun time doing this–also, can we all just appreciate Chrissy’s face right now??

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