Did you know that the latest Craze right now is SLIME? I am so not a slime, silly putty, play dough type of person, so this crazy is just not my thing. BUT, I have 2 daughters that are pretty much obsessed with it so I kind of have to get on board with it. My soon to be 11 year old has researched how to make slime, so this post is thanks to Sunny! This is the safe way to make slime. There is a recipe that is pretty popular that uses borax but guess what? That burns your skin! The recipe Sunny has made does not burn your skin so that is good!

So what do the girls do with all of this gross slime they are making? Don’t you worry, they cleaned out the organizers that contained rubber bands from the rainbow loom craze a few years ago and are now organizing their different colors of slime in there. My rule…slime stays on the wood floor! No couches, no carpet! Can you imagine trying to get this stuff out of your couch or carpet? No thank you!

SO…here you have it! SLIME TIME!

What you will need:
Elmers Glue {they have white and clear}

Baking Soda

Contact solution {why not just water? I have NO idea!}

color dyes

glitter, foam  balls

Put 1/2 cup of glue into a mixing bowl with the a few drops of color dye. Add 1 tsp. baking soda and mix it all up with a spoon. Add 10 drops of contact solution; mix. Add 10 more drops; mix. Add 10 more drops;  mix. Once the mixture starts to be not sticky, you can put it in your hands to stretch. From here, you can put “decorations” in your slime. Sunny likes to put glitter and foam balls in her slime and then stretches and squeezes it all together. Once the slime is made she likes to store it in a craft organizer.

The huge 2 gallon container of glue, foam balls and glitter were purchased on Amazon. The contact solution, baking soda and color dye was purchased at Target.

Happy SLIMING!!!


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