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It will be worth it…

Do you ever ask yourself, “will this be worth it?” Well, I do…all of the time! Like, sometimes daily! The topic of this question? Will it be worth it in the end as I am making my kids practice their violins every single day? Some days the practicing just seems magical and everything is lovely and the answer to that question is YES it will be worth it in the end! A lot of days, the request to practice the violins is then followed with moaning and groaning and a lot of complaining! On these particular days, the answer it I am NOT SURE if this will be worth it in the end!

On the hard days of practicing or just busy days, I have the kids focus on their REVIEW violin pieces; the pieces they have already learned and memorized so we can just maintain the pieces. This helps because they are at least getting some good practicing in yet don’t have to learn new skills on these easy days.

On the days where we have more time, I like to do Lesson days where we learn something new and its like having a violin lesson, with me! We go over everything from scales, note reading, review songs, and current new pieces. These are the hard days because learning new material takes time and effort and over and overs. What kid wants to do 10 or 20 time spots on new pieces? This is where having a good attitude and patience is REQUIRED from both parties. Sometime it works, sometimes not.

On the days I am telling myself this may not be worth it spending SO much time practicing the violin, I honestly think to myself, it was worth it for me and it gets me through. If my Mom wouldn’t have made me practice the violin every day while I was young, there is NO way I would play the violin today. A parent is needed to encourage and drive the kid to practice any instrument. There aren’t too many children, especially young children who are self motivated and have self drive. On top of that, the parent is also needed to make corrections and to make sure correct things are being practiced.

I am so thankful that my Mom said YES to the question, “Will this be worth it!” It has made a huge difference in my life, so I am trying to use that same positivity and drive to help my kids have a positive outcome with their violin practicing! Thanks MOM!

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