Moving? How to Pack Your Clothing

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about moving clothing with the hanger still on. The pictures are nothing great and it isn’t the best post but someone put it on Pinterest. It has been my most looked at post for years. So funny.

Truly though, this is the best way to move your clothes whether you are moving down the road or across the country. You simply take a trash bag, cut a little hole in the bottom, stick your clothes in the bag and the hangers through the hole then singe up the bottom. Done. When you get to your next place you simply hang the hangers up and take the bag off. So much easier than taking the clothes off their hangers, in a box, putting the hangers somewhere, (they are so awkward to pack), then putting everything back together after you move.

Here are the pictures from my post to illustrate:


clothes 2clothes 3clothes 4

Happy Packing!

xoxo, Ashley

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