You may think that this holiday isn’t celebrated frequently enough- not because you as a mother would like the recognition, but for your own mothers and all women in your life with that motherly influence on you to be more frequently seen and appreciated.

This holiday of mothers was first celebrated in 1905 by Ann Jarvis coming from West Virginia. She began a movement to commemorate this special day when her own mother passed away. Now her mom was quite the women… not only was she an amazing mother, but was a peace activist who looked after wounded soldiers from both sides of the Civil War. Ann desired this holiday so badly to be annually celebrated because she believed that a mother is the person who has done more for you than anyone else in the world.

Mothers hold the most rounded job there is. Mothers have a heavenly love for each member of their family. We could happily list many things that make up a mother’s critical role but for now, let’s focus on what you can do this mother’s day to make it unforgettable!

Take a gander at this list of ideas!

  • A molded stepping stone that she can place outside
  • A pot of her favorite flowers
  • Something matching for the two of you!
  • Photo books (This one has always been the big winner in our home!)
  • Sincere, hear felt card. We should always let those we love know for certain how much we love and appreciate them through our words.


Our mom is someone undeniably special. From her, we have learned the unforgettable lessons of selflessness, unconditional love, temperance and much much more. Take some time to think of what makes your mother the very best… and then share that with her! Thank you to Ann Jarvis for such a great holiday!




Great video about the influence a mom’s love and encouragement can have- olympics.



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