How to (Semi) Custom Frame Art

As I try to make my own home more “adult” and less “newly wed” it has hit hard to me just how expensive home items are, especially art. Art for me is like shoes, I just flat out have a hard time spending money on them. It’s funny though, because if you don’t have a good pair of shoes you’re miserable and your outfit doesn’t seem finished. Am I riiiigght??
Anyway, back to art. I just have a hard time spending money on it. As I’ve had to be creative I’ve discovered a way to get a custom frame look for art without having to drop hundreds of dollars.
I did this in my son’s nursery. I knew I wanted this giraffe print ( above his crib, but I couldn’t afford anything bigger than the 8×10 they offered. That would be waaaaaay too small in scale. I really wanted a square frame too.  I went to Ikea and found a frame I liked.
Here is the key. I tossed the mat. Did you know that the mats in Ikea frames aren’t a true white? And their openings are always weird sizes, not standard.
I then went to Hobby Lobby and had them cut a white mat there that would fit into the frame and would fit the picture. Any craft store will cut a mat for you, they just charge by the cut. This created an oversized mat look and created a custom high-end look just for an additional $15.
I was really happy with how it turned out!
I’ve have even taken the same concept in my powder bathroom. I was recently able to get the entire piece of art (including frame) for less than $30!
What are your tips for creating a high-end look for a fraction of the price?

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