Book Review: The Zookeepers Wife

9 times out of 10, the book is better than the movie in my opinion. This is the 1 out of 10 times the movie was better than the book. I read this book with my book club friends and boy was it a struggle. We all felt like that actually and the funny thing is, we can’t pin point exactly why it was a struggle to get through since the subject is interesting and it is a true story which are always my favorite.

There were a lot of terms that were hard to understand, there wasn’t a dialogue between characters and the timeline was hard to keep track of. As our book club talked about the book, the one thing we all agreed on was how remarkable the main character,  Antonina Zabinski was. She was a woman who had a way with animals and people and wasn’t afraid to do the right thing. We loved her strength and the type of woman she was.

We also all agreed that the story of a family helping more than 300 Jews hide from the Nazis in their home and zoo was just amazing and so brave.  It is just so hard to think that this is a non fiction story. Hitler and the Nazis were a real part of history and it just makes me so mad that there was such hatred towards other people. It honestly makes me want to be more loving and accepting of other people that are not like me because I never want to feel like I am better than anyone else.

So now for the movie. The movie was so easy to follow the storyline, unlike the book. The movie was very detailed and very emotional. As animals were dying during the German invasion to Poland, I had a tear in my eye. It was so sad to see Poland be destroyed by the Germans and to see this beautiful zoo be wiped out. I would recommend seeing the movie since it was easier to follow than the book. What an amazing story of the Zabinski family and their love and bravery.

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