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The Struggle is real…

What struggle are you talking about you say? There are many struggles in life, but the struggle that has been with me for quite a while is the struggle of losing weight. So there are 4 of us sisters and we all have a lot of similar traits, but one trait that is different from me than the other 3 sisters is weight. This is a sensitive subject for me because weight has been an issue for me as long as I can remember. I have always been active {bootcamp, 5 half marathons etc} and I cook and eat healthy 90% of the time but for some reason, my body just loves to keep weight on. As if it will be a long winter and my body is preparing to use the fat stored up or something! A few weeks ago, I asked my son what he wanted for his bday dinner and he said “Grammy’s creamy orange jello, Grammy’s chicken pillows and Grammy’s rolls and jam!” I said, “What do you think I will be remembered for with my cooking?” The reply was “quinoa and salad”.  See, I told you I cook healthy!

I have lately come to the conclusion that all I can do is continue to be healthy in my diet and my life style. I workout 4-5 days a week, I drink a ton of water, I am active throughout the day and I cook and eat pretty healthy! The fact that I am not losing any weight is frustrating, but mentally I have come to a place where I am just trying my best and I need to have self confidence in the body I am in. I am grateful for my body and the things it does for me. I am grateful for the health I have. I am grateful that my body was able to grow and have 5 amazing, beautiful and healthy children. I always see these amazing body transformations after people have babies and I have always wanted that dramatic before and after picture, but for now, I need to be content and confident with my body and live in the now.

One thing that has actually helped me feel more confident is buying clothes that I feel comfortable and cute in. Tops that are longer and high waisted dresses have been a favorite lately. I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle and try and be the best self I can be without comparing myself to anyone else. A thought that came to mind last week was that there are starving people all over the world, and we are always talking about losing weight in the USA. We are so blessed to have food and to have to worry about losing weight. I have been trying to lose weight for a family wedding this summer and it has been frustrating with not seeing any results, but that doesn’t mean I am just going to give up and eat a whole chocolate cake. I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle and have positive energy for my mental health.

Anyway, I hope that this helps someone out there that has the same struggle as me. Be confident and loving to your body! Its the only one you have! Confidence is the ultimate BEAUTY!



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