Feature Friday: Getting Involved

With so much heartache in the world it can be easy to shield yourself from the harsh reality around us. Pretend all is well and not educate yourself on serious matters that may not directly affect you. Then there is the opposite approach. Find a cause you are passionate about and immerse yourself into it. Find ways to help.

A few years ago I became aware of millions of girls around the world being deprived of education simply because they were female. I felt so selfish. Had I taken my education for granted? Did I understand how blessed I was because I grew up in a culture that valued women? I wanted to help. But how?

Enter Shauna Varvel. I met Shauna while living in Connecticut. She was very well spoken, had an educated opinion on everything and was extremely involved in several great causes. She is basically someone you want to shadow or have as a life coach.

After panicking about what can I, a stay-at-home mother of two small children, do to help girls across the globe, I reached out to Shauna. She expressed that there are times in life where we can do more and times when we can do less. What we can always be doing, she said, is educating ourselves. Educate myself then look for what I can do and what my resources are. Such great advice.

Today for our Feature Friday I asked Shauna a few questions about what it means to be involved. I truly hope we can all follow her advice and find a cause we believe in and GET INVOLVED.  xoxo, Ashley

  1. What are the organizations you have been involved with (past and present):

Room to Read, Women for Afghan Women, School of Leadership Afghanistan, My Life My Choice (saving women from prostitution), Relief Society (as part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

  1. How did you find out about these causes and what were your next steps for getting involved?

People are usually introduced to philanthropic causes by friends or associates which is why it is so important to speak up!  Take a minute to listen to what people that you know are involved in and if you feel passionate about the cause, ask how you can get involved.  Organizations are always looking for help and will be thrilled to hear of your interest.

Additionally, organizations like Women in the World showcase different issues and opportunities to help.  They make it easy to see what’s out there and help you find what you are passionate about.

  1. How can women be more involved in good causes? How does one start?

Women have the innate desire to help others and to make a difference and additionally are often well skilled at problem solving and multi-tasking.  Find something that you are passionate about and participate in a small way, do something that works for you.  Going forward, you have the ability to become more or less involved and can participate in a myriad of ways donating more or less time and more or less money.  There is never just one way to help.  The most important step is to just start!

  1. Why is it so important for women to find ways to be involved? 

It is important for everyone to be involved!  Philanthropy does not discriminate.  If you have time, energy or money to give find the time and find a way.  It is easy to stay within our bubble and put the frustrations of the world outside but if everyone does just a little something that little something becomes an enormous something.


PC: Room to Read

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