Flying with a Baby

I am SO excited to see my Sisters this week {minus Ashley, so sad!} and I will be flying with my baby Winnie from Wisconsin to Utah! Here are some tips I have found that TOTALLY make flying manageable instead of terrifying!

  1. Check your luggage so you don’t have to drag it all over the airport with everything else you have!
  2. Pack your diaper bag with the essentials: *in a ziplock bag pack 5 diapers and a travel size wipes *Ziplock bag full of snacks {So you are not fishing around the bag in search for the fruit snacks} *water bottle and a baby bottle for the baby.  *Toys blanket and Books so that baby is not screaming.
  3. Download your flight info on the airline app instead of running the risk of losing your flight papers. Keep your license and phone with the flight scan handy in your pocket.
  4. Take a stroller that collapses easily and light weight. I have a Graco stroller frame that connects to the baby car seat and use it every time I travel because of the convenience. It is so light weight, I can collapse it right before I get on the flight and run through the airport without holding my baby and my bags!
  5. Pack a bag for yourself and not a purse. You will want to put in more things than what your purse can handle so pack all of the things you will need for yourself in a bag!

So the next time you fly, don’t get flustered or frustrated that the other people flying with you are annoyed with you and your baby. Most likely, they don’t have children and don’t understand how difficult it is to fly with small kids. I can’t tell you how many times I have been holding the baby and 2 bags while trying to collapse the stroller with many onlookers just watching me without helping me. I have vowed to always help someone in need, especially a flustered Mom whenever I can! I get it, it is hard and we need to help each other, but those onlookers will only understand when they are dong it themselves.

Good Luck and happy Flying!


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