12 Fun Places to Eat in NYC

NYC is full of amazing eats but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to go. While it is difficult to narrow it down, here are 12 safe, delicious and affordable places to eat.

  1. Burger Joint (TIP: Located “Behind the Curtain” at Le Parker Meridien Hotel there is not a sign to tell you where to go. Look for the Hamburger light 🙂
  2. Normas (TIP: Also located at Le Parker Meridien Hotel. Book brunch reservations in advance. Even though $9 is a lot to spend for a glass of OJ it is completely worth it. Trust me.)
  3. Robert (TIP: This place is less about the food-which is good, don’t get me wrong-and all about the view. Try to reserve a table next to the windows overlooking Central Park. Incredible!)
  4. City Kitchen (TIP: This place is great right before a show. Many delicious vendors from around the city have a place to get food here. Picture a food court with only delicious options!)
  5. Shake Shack (TIP: there is no tip. Just go.)
  6. The Smith (TIP: The Smith has a few locations. The jalepeno grits are something made of magic.)
  7. Jacobs Pickles (TIP: Southern Comfort at its finest-unfortunately a fire next door has them currently closed but maybe they will be open before you go!)
  8. Bubbys (TIP: We ate Thanksgiving dinner here and it was one of the happiest experiences of my life.)
  9. Plaza Food Hall (TIP: Located at the Plaza Hotel, this is a great option for groups or individuals. You can try sushi, crepes, or just get a slice of cake. Can’t go wrong.)
  10. Tao (TIP: Okay, you feel like you are in a James Bond movie when you walk into this restaurant. The people watching is almost as great as the food.)
  11. Patsy’s Pizza (TIP: Great pizza place located all over the city. Our favorite was to grab a couple pizzas to-go and head to Central Park for a picnic.)
  12. S’MAC (TIP: They serve ONLY macaroni and cheese here. Like–15 different kinds. You’re welcome.)

My mouth is watering just thinking of these places. Where are your favorite places to eat in New York City? We love recommendations!


One thought on “12 Fun Places to Eat in NYC

  1. Tip for the Shake Shack – they have an app now where you can pre-order so you can avoid the line – you just walk in and pick up your meal!


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