Something to Splurge on

If there is one thing I will splurge on it’s a good swimsuit. In my opinion, a swimsuit is one of the hardest things to shop for. We all want to look and feel confident in a cute swimsuit. I have bought cute cheap swimsuits and I have bought cute expensive swimsuits. I can see a huge difference in spending a little more on a swimsuit rather than trying to save money on a cheap one. I see the quality it much better in those more expensive swimsuits, they last much longer, they don’t fade or stretch and they have the cutest prints! Always read the reviews on a more expensive swimsuit from customers to see if it fits smaller or larger.  

Here are some of my current favorites that will make you feel confident in a swimsuit!


{A side note…even though a good swim suit can be a bit pricey, if you take good care of it and read the washing instructions, they can last a long time! I find that when I hand wash mine or use the delicate cycle and then air dry them flat, they retain the color and shape for a lot longer! Take care of your swimsuit investment!}

Peachy Keen One-Piece Swimsuit

Peachy Keen- Albion

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