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Let’s talk exercise. I know it, it’s a tricky one to always have the motivation to give that extra energy in the day. You want the results but sometimes lack that cost of mental exertion it takes to get there.

A few years ago, I had no exercise habit whatsoever- I knew it was important, but lacked the motivation to ever consistently do something about it, my workouts were more random and sporadic than anything. But the past couple years, I’ve been taught the importance of a consistent daily schedule outline. Our bodies function much better when they can be used to something.  Gearing this toward exercise, rather than helping our bodies, we are doing more harm to then by overexerting ourselves in one hefty workout every couple weeks rather than just a healthy amount a few times a week. There’s a stellar article by ‘Fitday’ that talks a whole lot about all of this! By making exercise apart of my morning routine, I find myself much more happy and positive throughout the rest of the day! Something so simple leads to significant and necessary results for a happy mood and happy body! Check out this article, it will help you to understand the importance of exercise on our body but more importantly our mood.

There are many life lessons that we can learn from exercise- a big one for me is by setting specific goals and working toward them, they can become easier with more time and effort. It is a thriving feeling! Let’s do it together! Grab your planner and jot down a specific and consistent time you will help your body and mood, to help you on your way to be even more successful in your other doings!

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