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Teething Babies

My sweet, cute little baby was so pleasant and very rarely cried until…she started teething! Winnie’s first tooth came in at 9 months and now she is 15 months and has 13 teeth! The molars are the absolute worst! How would you like to have something pushing out of your gums as an adult? The whole teething is quite strange to me actually. The thought of these hard objects pushing their way through soft gums? Why can’t there be little slits for the teeth to pop on through?

Well, we have had to come up with ways to comfort this sweet little baby as she got 13 teeth in just 6 months! Infant Advil is the BEST! I have tried other medicines, and this one just seems to work the best and the fastest. Plus, it is clear which makes for easy clean up if she spits some out. Usually, she is sucking the syringe for more because she loves the taste!

Another thing that has helped is giving her bottles with cold water. The cold water relieves the pain in her mouth and gives her something to chew on without damaging her new teeth. Winnie also loves to chew on rubber toys which helps us out since she was starting to bite our fingers or whatever else she could get her mouth around! You wouldn’t think a baby could hurt you…you are wrong!

Just know that your sweet little baby will return once they get their teeth! In the meantime, give them anything but your finger to chew on!

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