Feature Friday: Hip Foodie Mom

I have recently been introduced to a new food blog that I already LOVE! Hip Foodie Mom is a fun blog with great recipes, fun party ideas, and good info on healthy food ideas. Alice Choi is the lady behind this awesome food blog and she has inspired me to cook beyond my normal casserole and basic go to recipes. Just this week I made the Southern Shrimp & Grits recipe on her blog and it was a hit with my family! I am sure you will also be inspired by this awesome Hip Foodie Mom! Lets get started!

1. How did you get started with Hip Foodie Mom? I started the blog as a hobby, a way to share recipes with friends and family. When we moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, WA, after working for 6 months, I quit my job to stay at home and decided to do the blog full-time. I was just enjoying cooking and learning about food and all the brand relationships just happened organically through social media. People started reaching out to me and that’s when I discovered that I could do this for a living.

2. What is your favorite thing to cook for your family?  Pasta or anything Asian. It’s their favorite.

3. What is life like being a Food Blogger? Incredibly busy and rewarding at the same time. Now, you just can’t know how to cook, you have to know how to photograph, how to do video, do social media, know about SEO and HTML. We wear a lot of hats. I love what I do and it keeps me on my toes because I am constantly learning something new and I get to connect with my readers everyday.

4. What inspires you to come up with your own take on recipes? In-season produce, the farmers market, TV shows, cookbooks, magazines, feeding my family. .

5. What advise do you have for someone that wants to get started as a blogger? Get ready to work! And do a lot of research!

Thanks Alice for giving an inside look on the life of a Food Blogger! Go to or go to her instagram hipfoodiemom1 to check out her awesome cooking ideas! I know you will be inspired to cook something besides that tater tot casserole!


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