Amazon Prime

My family and I moved 4 months ago to Madison, Wisconsin. Before that, we lived in Columbus, Ohio and no joke, we had everything you could ever want or need 5 minutes away from our house! A huge mall, Costco, Target, tons of shopping, restaurants, movies, and they were even building an IKEA right when we moved!

Now that we live in a smaller town, we have to travel at least 20 minutes for just about anything. I know 20 minutes isn’t THAT far away, but when you are used to having everything so close, it feels like a long time. I have 7 people in my family, so I go to Costco every week for the big items and most of my produce. I go to a smaller grocery store every week for the smaller items. I really have to organize my grocery lists and where I need to go for each outing to not waste my time.

That is where Amazon Prime comes in. We have been Prime members for a few years and will never go back! Free 2 day shipping? Yes please! I don’t want to use the majority of my Costco cart on toilet paper, paper towels and diapers! I just order them on Amazon Prime and Magic…they are delivered right to my door and I didn’t have to even lug them into my car!

Shopping on Amazon has been so convenient for other reasons as well. The kids need a book for class. Click…it will be here in 2 days! I need a workout water  bottle. Click…it will be here in 2 days! We need fake owls to scare the birds away from making nests all over our house. Click…it will be here in 2 days!

So, what I’m trying to say it; I just love you Amazon Prime!

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