Feature Friday: Six Sisters Stuff

Here at Say it Sis, we are pretty good at cooking for a large group and we have a lot of fun doing it when we are cooking all together! I still have visions of my Mom elbow deep in bowtie pasta making a massive pasta salad for a funeral. We have learned how to cook from ourĀ amazing Mom and now our favorite recipes are mostly from her!

We love Six Sisters Stuff because they too are sisters who love to cook together. The Six Sisters Stuff website is full of family favorite recipes that they all contribute to, all 6 sisters! Here at Say it Sis, there are only 4 sisters, so the Six Sisters blog is pretty lucky! Here is a feature from the cute sisters! Enjoy and happy cooking massive amounts of pasta salad!

1. How did you and your sisters get your site and cookbooks started?

We started back in 2011 as a way to keep in touch with each other. For the first time in our lives we were being pulled away from each other as sisters started getting married, having kids, and moving off to school. It was rough! Our oldest three sisters started it first, sharing recipes and fun activities they were doing with their kids. Then slowly the rest of us jumped on and we began using it to share the things we loved with each other, and with the world. It has been so fun to do it together! We published our first book about two years later after meeting with some publishers at Deseret Book. It has been an amazing and challenging journey but we are so grateful to have each other along the way!

2. What is your favorite family recipe that you all love?

I think our all time favorite recipe as far as dessert goes, would be our Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars. Our mom made them growing up all the time and we all have the recipe memorized. For dinner, our Honey Lime Enchiladas win every single time!

3. How do you work together not living by each other and with families of your own?

It’s definitely a challenge being so spread apart. We’ve split up all the work evenly and meet together once a week via Skype to check in on everyone. We also have a constant group text message going all day long. If you leave your phone for 10 minutes you’ll come back to 100 text messages, however it’s definitely not all work related! We all work in similar ways so it’s been a breeze to work together, which is not what a lot of families can say! We absolutely love it. It’s hard being apart sometimes but we get together a few times a year and have big planning meetings or try to get ahead on anything we can.

4. How do you get dinner on the table with a busy family schedule?

Setting aside time to make dinner can definitely be a challenge, but we believe so strongly in the importance of sitting down together that we try and make it happen as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, we love Chick-Fil-A from time to time on busy nights, but feeding your family can be easy if you plan ahead. Growing up our mom was always so good at planning the menu each week and it’s something we’ve all learned to do. We recently launched a Menu Plan Subscription to take the planning and grocery list making steps out of the process so your life can be much easier!

5. Any tips or tricks with cooking in general you would like to add?

Don’t complicate it! Anyone can cook, you just have to try! There’s no shame in following recipes or experimenting on your own. Have fun with it and don’t overthink it. Invest in a slow cooker and go crazy!

6. What do the sisters all like to do together?

As boring as it may sound, we love just sitting together and talking. We usually end up sitting around our parent’s counter snacking on a pan of brownies and just talking. We can talk for hours and it’s so much fun. We also love a good spa day or shopping together! With all the babies and busy schedules we usually have to make the most of the little time we have together and we’d rather spend it catching up and eating our favorite treats than going out.

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