Swig Cookies

Do you have a recipe that has your name all over it? When someone actually requests for you to bring that specific item because you make it so well and you are known for that? Well, I hate to brag, but I am known for my swig cookie! A swig cookie is a big deal in Utah {dirty diet cokes and yummy pink sugar cookies} but when you don’t live in Utah, you need to get your swig fix somewhere else. This is where the swig cookie comes in. I made a batch of these cookies for one of my kids class parties a few years ago. I kept hearing parents say, “Who made these pink cookies?” One of the parents pointed to me and I had people asking me what they were! Kind of a proud moment for a room mom at a party when everyone eats the cookies you brought and not the store bought cookies everyone else brought {not that there is anything wrong with store bought—they definitely have their place!)

The nice thing about this recipe is they are MUCH easier to make than a regular sugar cookie, and I think they even taste better than a regular sugar cookie. I originally got the recipe for these swig cookies from one

of my favorite interior design bloggers of all places and she has a great step by step tutorial on how to make these if you have never made them before. Here is that link to her step by step:

and the actual recipe is below.

I promise if you make these cookies, you will be the envy of every room mom at the school party! They are THAT good!!!

Swig Sugar Cookies


1 C Butter (room temperature)

3/4 C Vegetable Oil

1 1/4 C Sugar

3/4 C Powdered Sugar

2 T Water

2 Eggs

1/2 t Baking Soda

1/2 t Cream of Tarter

1 t Salt

5 1/2 C Flour

Cream together Butter, Vegetable Oil, Sugars, Water, and Eggs.

Combine dry ingredients and slowly add to butter mixture.

Mix until everything is combined.  Your dough should be a little crumbly and not sticky at all.

Roll a golf ball sized ball of dough and place it on your cookie sheet

Now its time to give their signature rough edge.  Put 1/4 c of sugar and a pinch of salt in a dish (this is in addition to the sugar and salt listed above.)  Stick the bottom of a glass in it.  This is going to be your cookie press.Firmly press it into the center of your dough ball.  You want your dough to spill out over the sides of the glass.  If there is a lip its even better.

Bake at 350 for 8 minutes.  They should just barely be browning on the bottom.    Move cookies to a cooling rack.  Once they are cool put them in the fridge.

Sour Cream Frosting

1/2 cup room temperature butter

3/4 C Sour Cream

Approx 1 2lb Package of Powdered Sugar

1 t salt

1/4 C Milk

Red Food Coloring

Start by creaming together butter and sour cream and salt.  Slowly add powdered sugar.  When it gets so thick its not frosting like add a splash of milk.  Alternate this process until your frosting is the desired consistency.  Add 1 drop of red food coloring and whip on high for 1 minute.

Keep cookies in a sealed container until they are ready to serve.  The magic of a Swig Sugar Cookie is that the cookies are cold and the frosting is room temperature.  Frost right before serving (if you make them in advance and need to refrigerate the frosting make sure you give it time to warm up before serving)

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